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the weapons section!

the weapons pictures now will be replaced with ingame screenshot's of the weapons being fired from the suit's.
for now they are just here so you can get an idea of what I am working for.

all knight saber suit standard weapons-

1.a 12mm arm cannon,inf ammo low damage.
2.knuckle bomber power fist punch with animated blast upon contact,somewhat high damage energy drain weapon.
3.rail gun medium damage 25 shots per clip size 3 inch long rail bolt's.
4.emp field power drain weapon stun's all in small radius of body.
5.fighting punch and kick jumpkick medium damage.
6.small laser power drain weapon low damage.

character specific weapons

1.combat boost- makes her faster and puts shadow's on all her moves power drain and high damage.
2.rail gun replacement is high damage with 35 ammo and higher speed.
3.shoulder laser medium damage higher power drain than regular laser.

1.beam saber light power drain high damage swung like a swipe from the side not the top like in dx,leaves trail.
2.enhanced knuckle bomber high damage more range.
3.scatter mines medium damage limited use.

1.scan of weakness and stun(needs work for actual implementation) link (nene scans weakness stunt's and teammate is locked onto weak spot and fires automatically.
3.laser satellite control only 4 uses many constriction's , maybe map dependant.

1.head ribbon cut (dashes past enemy and ribbon's hanging from helmet slice enemy)
2.suriken strike shoots out suriken which electrocutes and stunt's.
3.hand blast plasma from hands sort of like Chun-li from street fighter alpha short range high damage.


This is Linna's weapon arm.notice the knuckle bomber is the cylinder's with holes pointing up.


There is the effect.I will get this rendered as soon as I get more teammates.


Priss's weapon arm.about to fire rail gun.


not much of a look but I will soon have Dx pictures.

suit features

common speed-speed will be increased more and jumping as well with low energy drain and a charging ability for the jump and possibly a strafe doge charge.
2.jet boost-brief levitation and or flight. high drain ads will just perform better low energy drain and have maybe a better animation. shield defect's bullets only but completely energy drain medium. shield deflects laser and energy weapons by 75% drain medium. scrambler-prevents from being locked onto energy drain low.
7.emergency battery drain none.charges when you pick up bioenergy you don't need now and comes into effect when your energy goes below 25% or you select it. lock- locks on for missiles or locking laser,gives you ahead target projection for bullet or non locking weapons.

the following augs from original dx will become part of playerclass and will be built in for use always.
1.aqua lung will not be needed but will be replaced with suit environment that of course must resuscitate breathing.
2.radar transparency will require attachment that is discarded after use and only last 30 seconds.
3.targeting will be same but when you put on lock feature it will change,also it will have selectable night vision.
4.cloak is more like predator and only available on mp and only by genom.
5.regeneration only available to knight sabers in mp and will be changed to regenerate shield only. will increase with level's.
7.speed will increase with level's.
8.emp will only be available to knight sabers.

Note:all weapons come from arm's of suit's and are you use both arms.